Septic Cleaning Services

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Ace 1 Septic provides complete septic services! We offer septic tank cleaning, complete septic inspections, septic tank lid riser installs, septic tank filter installs and cleaning, septic and sewer line installation, septic tank, and drain field replacement and installation.

The biggest question in septic system maintenance is how often it needs to be pumped. Our handy graphic to the right shows you how often you should have your system pumped depending on the size of tank and house hold size. Don't wait until you have a messy back up or drainage problems to have your tank pumped, have your septic tank pumped regularly and add years to the life of your septic system!

Ace 1 Septic Pumping keeps this service "green" by only using live natural products when needed. We also dispose of septic waste only at wastewater treatment plants help keeping our environment "clean."

Ace 1 Septic Cleaning professionals also attend yearly schooling to maintain their skills, keep up to date on technology. We are also DEQ licensed and insured.

Why Maintain Your Septic Tank?

Did you know its recommended to clean your septic tank every three years? So what happened to the old timers saying that you don't need to pump that hardly ever?

Here is why you need to maintain your septic system:

  • 30 yrs ago we didn't have all the "antibacterial" soaps and solutions going to our septic systems. Did you know your septic operates on bacteria? Everything today is designed to kill bacteria!
  • Garbage disposals are becoming very popular. While they do offer a convenience they have a tendency to "shock" your septic causing the solids to not break down properly.
  • The cost of routine septic maintenance is far cheaper than replacing a drain field!

Four Steps to a Healthy Septic System:

  • Inspect your filter every year, and have your septic pumped regularly.
  • Use water efficiently.
  • Do not pour hazardous waste into your toilets or sinks.
  • Keep your drain field clear of trees, shrubs, small buildings, cars etc.

Call Ace 1 Septic Services at (231) 757-2252 or (231) 723-6523 Today!